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Apparently I have to do my tax, my marketing, my accruals (what even is that!). Give me my fabric scissors, my tack hammer, my webbing stretcher, my upholstery needles, my staple gun and my rubber mallet any day.

There is nothing more I like, than the first tear, when stripping a tired chair on the first step to it’s new life. I’ll inspect & recommend the best course of action, from a recover to a rebuild (sheez, I sound like a dentist).



This is our bread-and-butter, our raison d'être, our Sonny & Cher. Saving the world one chair at a time is the little piece we give back to the world of fast-fashion consumerism. If I didn’t love rebuilding chairs as much as I do, I wouldn’t get to experience pulling back the layers of history as I rewind each chair to the bares bones, like exploring sedimentary rock form, as perhaps a geologist would. Over and over again, I see chairs that have been revived two, three & sometimes four times over the history of their life.

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We are bursting-at-the-seams with unique vintage, antique and retro furniture in the process of being reinvented. Follow us on instagram, facebook and pinterest as we post our new finds & save the world one chair at a time.

If you are after something in particular and we don’t have what you are after, we are more than happy to keep an eye out to source for you.

In the meantime, check out some of our warehouse stock, all ready to revive & personalise!



We provide a consulting service to help get your Goldilocks chair “just right”. We understand that sometimes you want that little bit extra; that perfect chair, that one-off vintage fabric or that unique personalised design. That hero chair.

With our consulting service, we’ll do the running around for you, take you on the fabric house tour, or can bring fabric samples to you. By the way, if you are wondering about the picture above, this was seriously all found down the sides of one of our client’s chairs.

Let us know how we can help below.

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